Image Achievement Name: Delivered Daedric Artifact
Delivered Daedric Artifact Game Title: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (Xbox 360)
Achievement Description: Delivered Daedric Artifact, Main Quest
Value: 50G Secret: No Online: No

Achievement Guide Edit

Delivered Daedric Artifact - After leaving the shrine, head back to Martin at Cloud Ruler Temple. He will then explain that he needs some time to decipher the book and will task you with tracking spies. Speak to Jauffre and complete that simple mission. Go back to Martin and he will tell you that a daedric artifact is required for the ritual. The easiest one to obtain is Azura's Star. Azura's Shrine is located North of Dagon's Shrine (or Lake Arius Caverns). You must be level 3 to begin this quest, and you must offer up a sample of glow dust to the shrine (a Wisp can usually be found by the shrine). After killing a few vampires you will receive Azura's Star. Head back to Martin and hand it over. Unfortunately you will lose Azura's Star for good, but you will obtain the achievement and continue with the main quest.

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