Image Achievement Name: Destroyed the Great Gate
Closed an Oblivion Gate Game Title: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (Xbox 360)
Achievement Description: Destroyed the Great Gate, Main Quest
Value: 50G Secret: No Online: No

Achievement Guide Edit

Destroyed the Great Gate - After delivering the daedric artifact, you will be tasked with gettin an aedric artifact, a Great Welknyd Stone and a Great Sigil Stone. To get the great sigil stone, you will have to open up a great gate. After taking care of a few political negotiations with the Countess of Bruma, she will agree to allowing you to open a great gate. You and and a small troop of soldiers as well as Martin, Jauffre and Baurus (if he is still alive). Fight and defend Martin until the great gate is open and quickly enter. You then have fifteen minutes to get to the sigil keep. This gate is similar to the first one, but slightly more difficult to navigate. An Acrobatics skill of at least 30 is recommended to make it across some of the long jumps to save time. After reaching the keep, remove the great sigil stone and receive the next achievement.

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