Image Achievement Name: Located the Shrine of Dagon
Located the Shrine of Dagon Game Title: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (Xbox 360)
Achievement Description: Located the Shrine of Dagon, Main Quest
Value: 50G Secret: No Online: No

Achievement Guide Edit

Locate the Shrine of Dagon - After closing the gate, get Brother Martin (the priest inside Kvatch) and take him back to Jauffre at Weynon Priory, where you will learn that the amulet has been stolen. Next, lead Jauffre and Martin to Cloud Ruler Temple (north of Bruma). Travel to the Imperial City and speak with Baurus. After a little running around and a mission with him you will obtain four books. Take these books to Tar-Meena at The Arcane University in the Imperial City. You will then be told to visit Green Emperor Way, which is located outside the Imperial Palace. Head to the Tomb of Prince Camarril at noon. A map will be revealed. Go to the destination marked (north of Cheydinhal). Enter the Shrine and then escape with the Mysterium Xarxes. Upon exiting the Shrine, you will receive the achievement.

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